Solid Surface KFC Counter Tops

Solid Surface KFC Counter Tops

Topworx handles the manufacturing for the solid surfacing counter tops being installed in the newly built KFC across the country.

Solid surfacing is the perfect material for the application as solid surfacing is non porous and anti bacterial ensuring that the top adheres to the stringent hygienic standards of the food industry.

We have handled a few projects across the country, from the local Western Cape regions all the way to the Northern Cape. This includes renovating and building of new premises.

Making use of our CNC machine we are able to cut the solid surfacing precisely to given sizes. This helps to make sure that the seamless joints are perfect when the components are joined.

When shapes are needed to be cut the CNC allows for perfect symmetry such in the case for the one KFC which needed a circular sit down counter which spanned 4.5 metres made up in 3 section components.

In the case of this specific KFC sit down counter, the material needed to be thermoformed in order to achieve the curve of the intended design. This means that the material is heated up to 155 – 165 °C in order to make the material shape-able to the desired form.

Layout of the specific branch will determine what the counter top measurements will be. This means that it is very seldom that two counter tops are the same and therefore specific measurements are given and to ensure a perfect fit these measurements are followed very closely.

Working off the given dimensions supplied by the client the counter top components are cut on the CNC to the specific sizes. These components are then pre- assembled and fabricated in a dust free environment. Once the counter top has been assembled and given a perfect finish the counter top is transported to the site. Once the top is in place it is give one last finish in order to make sure that the best result is achieved.

In the above picture a counter top is showcased that has a “step” in the design. This was done to achieve the same look as the ceiling in order to have a flowing design making sure everything looked similar.

As opposed to the previous design this counter top has a plain straight design with a simply downstand on the front to ensure that the top looks aesthetically pleasing and makes sure that the counter top is reinforced on the front making sure that it will last.

Seating areas sometimes require smaller desk like units. These are normally fabricated in conjunction with the main counter and installed on the same day as the large counter tops.


Topworx does not only offer fabrication services regarding solid surfacing but also offers services such as repairs as well as refurbishment to solid surfacing. We are an accredited manufacturer and installer. If you have any questions regarding our products or our services please contact us.