Solid Surface KFC Counter Tops

Solid Surface KFC Counter Tops

Topworx has been appointed as the solid surface manufacturer and fabricator of all the pay point countertops for the new roll-out of KFC outlets across the country.

Solid surfacing is the perfect material for this application. It is non-porous and anti-bacterial which ensures that product performs well under stringent hygienic standards in the food industry.

We have managed a few projects across the country, from the local Western Cape areas all the way through to the Northern Cape. This includes renovating existing stores and installing tops at brand new premises.


Our CNC machine capabilities are well established and with detailed programming we are able to cut the material to exact sizes. The precision cutting ensures that the joints are perfect when the components are seamlessly joined.

When round or curved shapes of solid surface are cut, the CNC machine enables us to create perfect symmetry. A good example here was a circular sit-down counter which was manufactured for one of the KFC’s. It spanned over 4.5 metres and was made up in three symmetric parts.


For this installation the material was thermo formed to achieve the curve of the specific design. This meant that the product was heated up to 155 – 165 °C in order to bend the material to the desired shape.

Every layout of each store is different. Specific measurements are given for every new design and are followed to precision to ensure a perfect installation.

From the dimensions supplied by the client, the counter top components are cut on the CNC machine to the exact sizes. These components are then pre-assembled and fabricated in a dust free environment. Once the counter top has been assembled and given the desired finish, it gets transported to site. When installation is completed, a final last finish is done for best results.

In the above picture a counter top is displayed with a “step” in the design. It was fabricated like this to achieve the same look as the ceiling which creates a unified look.

In contrast to the previous design this counter top has a straightforward design with a simple down stand on the front. An aesthetically pleasing look as end result with a reinforced front makes for a long lasting installation.

Seating areas often require smaller desks like units. These are normally fabricated in conjunction with the main counter and installed in order to ensure that the hygienic working surfaces are available in the seating area.


Topworx not only offers fabrication services on solid surfacing, but also provides repairs and refurbishment existing solid surface installations. We are an accredited manufacturer and installer which keep the product guarantee intact.

Should you need any information regarding our products and services please feel free to contact us.

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