Solid Surface Project

Manufacturing Solid Surface Counter Tops

We recently had the opportunity to manufacture some solid surface counter tops for fast food restaurant. Great for hygienic purposes and versatile in application it is ideal for commercial use.






There was a curved seating counter that needed to be made. First the templates were made and then the thermo forming starts in order to achieve the curved downturns.






After the top was fabricated it was installed and reinforced, making sure that the seating area will service the clients with a hygienic and comfortable area to enjoy their meal.












Finally the main sales counter was fabricated. The counter had a step design which needed to be joined. All joints are seamless and requires a very fine attention to detail to make sure that the finished product is up to our standard. We are very happy with the way that the project was done and needless to say the client was satisfied as well.

For any queries regarding solid surfacing and its applications visit our section on solid surfaces here.