Compact Laminate

Manufacturing Solid Surface Counter Tops

This installation project was done for a public library in Franschoek.

A high pressure laminate (HPL), REYSITOP®, colour Magma, was applied for the working surfaces, reception desk and kitchen counter.

(HPL being cut on the CNC machine with diamond tooling)

HPL is considered to be one of the most durable and decorate surfaces around. It is highly hygienic and versatile. It is manufactured of resin impregnated decorative and craft papers, which are then bonded at high pressures and temperatures.

(Basin unit with cutout)

The compact laminate, when installed, does not necessarily need a substrate, such as MDF board, but depending on the length of the surface, the fabricator will guide the process. To cut and process the product, the fabricator will make use of diamond cutters due to the toughness of the product.

(Main computer labs with compact laminate desks)

High Pressure Laminate is being used all over the world to create anything from ultra-modern bars to vintage restaurants and everything in-between.
Not only is this material multi talented but it’s also a much greener choice over things like wood.It is reliably consistent; meaning companies looking at franchising their locations can produce the exact same style in every single building.

(Reception desk made from compact laminate)


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries on HPL or the application thereof.