Compact Laminate Kitchen Tops

Fenix NTM Kitchen Counter Tops

Manufacturing Fenix Compact Laminate Tops

The latest trend for surfacing solutions are the Italian inspired FENIX NTM. The matt finish that is offered in the product line fits in well with the new design trends of more natural colours with softer finishes.



Recently we installed counter tops for a client’s kitchen who wanted a product that would make a stylish statement with properties that represents durability and quality.

FENIX NTM is a compact laminate with nano-technology. It is essentially a very thick HPL and most manufacturers offer a wider variety of core colors.



It can carry a decorative and wear layer like HPL. Compact laminate edges can be machined to a smoothness exceeding that of solid surface material.

It is self-supporting and very strong, and has long been used as lab tabletops, bathroom stall dividers and for bullet-proof panels.


Some office systems companies have created unique desk, conference and task table designs with these strong, thin panels. It has also been widely specified as exterior cladding for commercial buildings across Europe, and is often used as toilet partitions.


In order to process compact laminate accurately with the desired finish, specialised tooling and equipment is used. Making use of the CNC machine, templates are firstly cut in order to make sure that the correct fit is achieved.  Making use of diamond tooling the compact laminate is then cut and a edge profile is machined on to the top.


By making use of CNC machining it is possible to achieve perfect straight or curved lines ensuring a custom fit tailored towards interior walls that are sometimes not built completely straight. This ensures that the compact laminate top fits perfectly without major gaps between the top and the wall and overall creates a much better finished look.



At Topworx we provide complete surfacing solutions, we supply a wide variety of manufactured tops from different laminate suppliers. We offer our upgrading services and CNC capabilities to our clients and we also specialise in solid surfacing and compact laminate processing. We are accredited by suppliers and carry selected stock on products.


For more information on the product or our services, please feel free to contact us.