Compact Laminate Kitchen

Alternative Material For The Kitchen

In recent years kitchen and home decoration industry has seen a wave of innovations. This ranges from AI integration to automate closing of curtains and switching on lights to highly water efficient shower heads.  This allows individuals to truly tailor their homes with specific features in order to make it unique to their needs.

Choosing Compact Laminate

One of our clients wanted something different for his kitchen. Modern, yet practical and something that last the test of time.

Being extremely durable and hard wearing the compact laminate was a good option to achieve the aesthetics that he was after with the added benefits.

Choosing white compact and the Magma color he was able to achieve a dual color finish that looks really stylish.

(Compact laminate doors)

Integrating Appliances

Making use of the CNC machine and specialised diamond tooling we are able to do cutouts so that the basin as well as the plates can be recessed into the top allowing for a clean and sleek appearance. This also makes installing of the units easier as they are simply dropped in as the cutouts are precise.


(Stove plates installed in recess.)


(Basin fitting flush with top.)


Adding Hardware And Lighting

Adding specific hardware to create functionality, once spice rack, drawer systems and hinges are chosen everything can be installed to create a fully functional kitchen with a distinct look and a practicality aspect.

(Finished kitchen using compact laminate.)


(Runners for storage rack and vertical storage.)


(LED lighting adds to the overall modern look)

If you would like to know more about compact laminate and the uses of it, please contact us and we will gladly assist. For any other queries email us at