Vital Solid Surfacing

Manufacturing Solid Surface Reception Desk

Vital Foods recently commissioned a renovation for the reception area of their head office.

They requested a space that will fit in with their overall clinical look that would represent quality hygiene.

A perfect material choice for this type of application is solid surfacing. The non-porous and anti-bacterial qualities of the product are ideal in hospitals, laboratories and areas that need continuous cleanliness.


(Reception  desk upon entering premises)


For this installation the existing counter was used as a support structure where after the solid surface material was cladded over and around the structure. All sections were seamlessly integrated and joined during the installation process.

CNC cut-outs were custom made in order to accommodate the pillars. These sections were again joined around the pillars to ensure a perfect fit.


(Note pillars are part of the reception construction)


The curves of the counter were taken into account by making use of the thermoforming qualities of the product. The downturns were formed to line up with all the roundings.

(Rounded corners making use of thermoforming)


Finally everything is polished to ensure a beautiful finish that is aesthetically pleasing and practical protection against slight abrasion.

The new counter top in Corian, glacier white, gave the area a fresh new look, creating a sophisticated feel and ambiance.


(Polished reception desk fits in with rest of the decor)


Making use of Corian and related solid surfaces allows for a variety of designs to be achieved.

For further information on this product please do not hesitate to contact us.